In-depth consultation | Before opening your shop, we are looking forward to discussing with you the future business plan, and we will provide the best suggestions for you to open a Laundromat by analyzing the demographic map, location and rivals in your anticipated area.




Professional planning | Providing consumer-friendly experiences is the only way to increase revenue, and you can enjoy our full range of equipment, traffic flow and interior design plan, including the right business strategies for you.



Construction services | We would love to share with you our senior and professional consultants and construction teams who can effectively enhance the stability of the devices and sustainability of your future operation. Of course, the safety is our top priority and professional concern.



World-class products | You will be surprised that our equipment can complete the washing and drying process in one hour. AQUA equipment is made-in-Japan, which is the leading brand in the Japan self-service laundry market.



After-sales services | Our equipment is durable, but in case of any need for service, we will support you within 24 hours.




loT system | Laundromat can be managed in the cloud system, and operating status and remoting control can be achieved through a PC, tablet or smartphone. · sales information · operation status ·events and campaign· coupon and promotion · cash flow monitor · customer relationship · store management, etc



E-Payment | cash, loyal prepaid card, LINE pay



MARU Laundry makes the ideas integrated together with creative business and products for customers to create win-win success


ฺBranch : Bearing 48 Samut Prakan

ฺBranch : Bearing 48 Samut Prakan

545 Moo 1, Soi Bearing 48, Samrong Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang Samut Prakan District Samut Prakan Province 10270

  • Business hours: 24 hours
  • Day Off: Open every day
  • Setting: 27kg washer/dryer 2 unit、17kg washer/dryer 3 unit
  • Payment: cash
  • Value-added equipment: Coin changer、online Status Monitor System
Live machine status map



If you need any services or consultancy, please leave your related information and our service staff will contact you as soon as possible. Or call 02-1182959 for your service.


Q. Do I need to add detergents and softeners ?

No additional detergents are required. Detergents and softeners will be automatically added into the washing machine. You can also choose No softeners. Please refer to the instructions on the machine.

Q. How long does it take to wash and dry clothes ?

If you choose washer/dryer cycle, you can complete the process from washing to drying within 1 hour, to save the trouble of waiting and moving clothes. Each machine has different washing cycles to select, and you can refer to the instructions on the machine panel.

Q. What is the capacity of the washing machine ?

If you choose 27kg machine, you can load clothes for a family of three for about a week. This is an average estimation for your reference.

Q. Can I put in the quilt or blankets ?

Please check your washing label first. Self-laundry is available for all kinds of fabrics which are labeled to be able to water-washed and dried. Please follow the washing and drying instructions in the store.

Q. What's the difference between MARU Laundry's machine and other stores ?

Our washing and drying machine can complete the cycle from washing to drying within 1 hour, to save the trouble of waiting and moving clothes; And the large 27kg capacity can also help you save the trouble of washing clothes every day; Drying clothes with gas heating not only speeds up the drying process, but also kills dust mites at temperatures above 60 degrees, and helps prevent pollinosis.

Q. Do I need to prepare anything before opening a Laundromat shop ?

The five most important points : location, equipment performance, Franchiser, construction and shop maintenance. You can first find the location where you want to open the shop. We will discuss with you in depth and give you professional advice with our 40 years of experience support.

Q. Is self-service laundry safe ?

Safety is MARU Laundry’s top priority and professional concern. We insist on setting up gas and carbon monoxide automatic detection alarm, and installing gas emergency automatic interruption system and connecting with the maintenance system to ensure the safety of your assets and customers.

Q. Is Laundromat business really worth investing ?

We have create a set of calculation formula with the accumulation of 40 years experience. We will not try to convince you that investing in a laundromat can recover the capital within a year, nor will we tell you that you can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month but without mentioning that this is the number not deducting the expenses yet, nor will we advocate you to open in a inapposite shop but preaching unlimited prospects! Please contact us if you are really interested in this business. We will provide you detail consultancy.

Q. It is said that one machine equipped with both washing and drying cycle is easy to damage, is it true ?

AQUA washer/dryer model adopts the most advanced technology. It is sold and installed in thousands of units in Japan and Taiwan market every year, and affirmed by hundreds of franchise owners. The whole machine is manufactured in Japan and imported in original. If you have any questions, please make an appointment with us to experience in our exhibition center.

Q. Why can't a user change the drying and washing temperature of MARU Laundry machine ?

The machines used by MARU Laundry are all set by computer, so as to ensure that washing clothes can be cleaned and dried efficiently. At the same time, the franchise owners can provide the best washing quality at the lowest cost of utility. It also ensures that customers are less likely to damage their clothing due to improper operation.